Brin Londo
Timber Wolf
Alias(es) Timber Wolf
Actor Shawn Harrison

A once normal human, mutated into a humanoid wolf by his father. Brin Londo now fights with the Legion of Superheroes as Timber Wolf.



Timber Wolf admits he enjoys baking.

The Man from the Edge of TomorrowEdit

Timber Wolf was part of the Legion team that traveled to the 41st century to battle Imperiex with the Superman clone, Kell-El, and thus was one of the few Legionnaires able to rescue his captured teammates. When they bring back the original Superman, bigger and stronger than before, Phantom Girl is impressed and he appears jealous.

Dark VictoryEdit

After Imperiex is killed by a Brainiac influenced Brainy, Timber Wolf convinces Kell to continue fighting the good fight despite his nemesis and reason for existing being gone.


  • Super strength
  • Super agility
  • Super senses
  • Transformation



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