Benjamin Knox
Alias(es) Ben Knox
Appeared in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Status Deceased
Actor Henry Rollins
Adam Baldwin

Benjamin Knox or Bonk was a member of the revived Joker's team of Jokerz.

Biography Edit

Batman Beyond: Return of the JokerEdit

Tasked by the group's leader (an apparently resurrected Joker) with stealing heavy pieces of advanced technology, Bonk (who was more muscle for the gang than brains) had trouble operating a hover lift and went berserk when Batman appeared. He also was not too happy about the job that Joker commissioned the rest of the gang, as he preferred to steal cash or cash cards. During the gang's getaway, Bonk unwisely disengaged from the equipment to pursue Batman across the skies—which caused the equipment to drag the other two lifts down and eventually crash. He ended up trapped on a flagpole he didn't see coming while he attempted to strangle Batman, who tried to warn him, but couldn't because of Bonk's pressure on his throat.

Smarting over their failure, Bonk got fed up and confronted their leader with Bonk wanting out, even going as far as to mention some fallacies about The Joker's plan such as the fact that they are "ripping a lot of geek junk" and absolutely no cash, and also the fact that the Joker never even mentioned what he planned to do with it which briefly caused the Jokerz to be angered at Joker. Joker obliged by killing Bonk with a smile on his face.

Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future ThingEdit

In an alternate timeline, Bonk was still alive and (along with the other Jokerz) was one of Chronos's henchmen. He confronted the Justice League along with the other Jokerz, but was unable to stop Batman and Green Lantern from undoing Chronos's damage to the time stream.


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