Batman: The Movie was released on DVD on August 21, 2001 and re-released on DVD and Blu Ray on July 1, 2008.

Special FeaturesEdit


  • Audio Commentary by Adam West and Burt Ward
  • Tour of the Batmobile
  • All-new Batman featurette
  • Behind the scenes still gallery
  • Theatrical Teaser and Trailer

Blu RayEdit

  • Audio Commentary by Adam West and Burt Ward
  • Audio Commentary by Lorenzo Semple, Jr.
  • Isolated Score Track in DTS-HD MA (Lossless)
  • Batman: A Dynamic Legacy
  • Gotham City's Most Wanted
  • 2001 featurette
  • Caped Crusaders: A Heroes Tribute
  • The Batmobile Revealed with George Barris
  • The Batmobile Interactive Tour
  • Batman on Location: Mapping the Movie
  • Holy Trivia Track, Batman!
  • Theatrical Teaser and Trailer
  • Spanish trailer
  • Still Gallery

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