Trivia about Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2.

  • After The Joker is allowed on his day pass to go on a talk show, the one Dr. Wolper brings him to is called "The David Endochrine Show". This fictional show is meant to spoof Late Night with David Letterman, with the host supposed to parody David Letterman. The actor playing David Endochrine is Conan O'Brien. The character was thus re-designed to appear closer to his voice actor. O'Brien later took over Late Night show after Letterman in 1993.
  • During the fight between Superman and Batman in crime alley, a framed picture of Christopher Reeve's Superman can briefly be seen in one of the rooms.
  • Although his name is never specifically said, the character design and voice of The President of the United States is clearly patterned after former President Ronald Reagan.
  • When Superman first flies into Gotham City, he flies past a newspaper stand. Other than the newspapers disturbed by the wake of his speeding through, the comic book titles on sale are: •The Brave And The Bold 028 (1960) which introduced the Justice League Of America
    • The Flash 123 (1961) featuring the Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick), and introduced the concept of alternate Earths to the DC Universe (Earth-2 encompassing the characters from WWII to 1959)
    • Captain Carrot And His Amazing Zoo Crew 012 (1983) an alternate Earth populated by sentient animals (previously Earth-C, but now designated as Earth-26). The title character was the Earth-C/Earth-26 version of Superman
    • Shade, The Changing Man 006 (1978) created by Steve Ditko (writer/artist)
    • The Warlord 067 (1983) created by Mike Grell (writer/artist)
    • 'Mazing Man 001 (1986) created by Bob Rozakis (writer) and Stephen DeStefano (artist)
  • Commissioner Gordon's wife, Sarah, was never actually illustrated by writer/artist Frank Miller in the source material. When she finally appears at the end of the series, she is in silhouette.
  • One of the guests announced for Dave Endochrine Show is famed sex therapist Dr. Ruth. In the original mini-series Dr. Ruth is killed by the Joker when he kisses her with poisoned lip stick.
  • During the scene in the Gordons' apartment, a number of photos can be seen on the wall. The largest of these is an image of James Gordon with his first wife, Barbara Gordon (Maiden Name Kean), and their son, James Gordon Jr. as seen in the earlier animated adaptation of Batman: Year One. Another of the photos appears to be of their daughter, also named Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl.
  • Grey DeLisle who here plays Sarah Essen Gordon, has played the wife of James Gordon before. She played Barbara Gordon (maiden name Keen) in Batman: Year One.

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