Barda Free
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Alias(es) Big Barda
Appeared in Batman Beyond: The Call
Actor Farrah Forke

Barda Free is the ex-leader of the Female Furies formerly known as Big Barda.


Batman Beyond: The CallEdit

Sometime in the future, Big Barda joined the ranks of the Justice League Unlimited. She continued to be the same fierce and honest combatant, as well as hot-tempered. When Superman enrolled Batman into the JLU without consulting with them first, Barda took it quite personally, even remarking that slaves on Apokolips were treated with more respect. Barda was very belligerent towards Batman for most of his time with the team.

When Aquagirl was nearly killed in a sabotaged swimming session, Batman snatched Barda's Mega-Rod and saved Marina. Despite the successful rescue, Barda scolded his lack of judgment for not calling for them, which might have cost her teammate's life. Barda completely distrusted Batman. After Warhawk's presumed death, she didn't believe Batman's side of the story. Not even when he showed her footage proving Superman was the culprit. An argument ensued and escalated to blows when Batman called Barda "pigheaded". The squabble only stopped because Kai-Ro held her back.

Barda's anger was, however, tempered down when Warhawk revealed himself to be alive and well. He corroborated Batman's evidence, and wanted to take Superman down. Despite Barda's impulsiveness and eagerness to fight, her code of honor compelled Barda to allow Superman to explain himself.

When Superman turned on the League, Barda blasted him with her Mega-Rod, forcing him to retreat. They wanted to go after him, but Superman had never disclosed the location of his stronghold to the JLU. However, thanks to Bruce Wayne, who passed on the information to Batman, Barda boom-tubed the League to the Fortress of Solitude. There, they ascertained that Superman had been under the control of Starro for years, and then they found thousands of its psychic-parasitic clones. Before Barda could boom-tube the creatures away, the League was attacked and subdued by them. Under the creature's mind control, Barda disposed of Batman's Kryptonite that was restraining Superman.

After being released from the starfish's mind-control, Big Barda fought them off. She later suggested boom tubing the creatures to the sun, but Superman rejected such callous maneuver. Barda lent her Mother Box to Aquagirl who boom-tubed the creatures back to their home planet.

In the end, Barda was quite acquiescent to Batman's membership in the JLU.




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