Barbara Gordon
Batgirl (The Batman)
Alias(es) Batgirl
Appeared in The Batman: Batgirl Begins
The Batman: The Joining
The Batman: Lost Heroes
Status Alive
Actor Danielle Judovits

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of James Gordon. She eventually took up the identity of Batgirl to assist her father's friend, Batman.


The Batman: Batgirl BeginsEdit

Barbara Gordon, daughter of police Commissioner James Gordon, is an excellent gymnast; despite her not being that interested in it anymore, it's something her father wants her to keep doing.

While she isn't as interested in gymnastics, she is interested in police detective work, which worries her father. In addition to that, Barbara's been hanging around with Pamela Isely, a student with a juvenile detention record and something James Gordon doesn't like.

During a battle with temblor, Barbara sees The Batman in action; after this, the seed to become Batgirl (or "Batwoman", as she demands to be called) is planted. After a battle with The Batman and saving her father, The Batman decides not to tell Gordon that his daughter is Batgirl. That first adventure, Batgirl says, is "only the beginning".

The Batman: The JoiningEdit

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The Batman: Lost HeroesEdit

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Appearances/Voice ActressesEdit

  • TV Movies (3 films)


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