Baran Flinders
103 050
Alias(es) Mammoth
Actor Kevin Michael Richardson

Mammoth is the muscle of the HIVE Five.



Mammoth, like his fellow HIVE Five members, joined the Brotherhood of Evil to combat the Teen Titans.

Calling All TitansEdit

While Gizmo and Billy Numerous attacked Kole and Gnarrk in their arctic underground retreat, Mammoth intercepted Cyborg, who had been sent to aid them, slamming him down a crevasse. However, he did not bother to finish his job properly, and so Cyborg was able to collect Kole and Gnarrk and join his fellow Titan refugees in an all-out assault on the Brotherhood's base. When the H.I.V.E. Five attempted to escape the scene, they were intercepted by Kid Flash and Jinx, who had since converted to good, defeated by a hex blast and carted off to be flash-frozen by Más y Menos.



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