Bane 113
Appeared in Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants
Status Alive
Actor Carlos Alazraqui

Bane was an inmate of Arkham Asylum, until he was the first to be freed to aid Penguin and Mr. Freeze in their plans for Gotham City.


Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. MutantsEdit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bane is an exceptionally strong and capable fighter. In addition, he uses a drug called Venom to increase his muscle mass and strength.

When he injects himself with Mr. Freeze's serum, his body grows to gigantic proportions, even becoming as tall as some of the skyscrapers in Gotham. He also gains even more muscle mass; when he's transformed, the serum can actually be seen running through the tubes that normally hold his Venom. According to Mr. Freeze, he is unstable in this form, yet his Venom tubes seem to help stabilize his massive size.


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

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Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. MutantsEdit

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