Det. Arnold Flass
Arnold John Flass
Alias(es) Detective Flass
Appeared in Batman Begins
Actor Mark Boone Jr.

Detective Arnold John Flass is a corrupt membero of Gotham City Police Department.


Batman BeginsEdit

Arnold Flass is a detective in Gotham Police Department, and he's payed by Carmine Falcone to close an eye on his operations. He's the assigned partner of the newcomer Detective Gordon, who's quite disgusted by his way to "protect and serve".

Flass also works occasionally for the League of Shadows, and he's the one in charge of controlling the operations at the arbor the night the leader of the League sends some special drug at Gotham. During the night, a mysterious vigilante attacks Flass and his men, vanquishing their operations.

During Gotham City's siege at the hands of Ra's al Ghul, Flass is infected with Jonathan Crane's fear toxin, and he's about to shoot two kids, who he sees as monsters, when he's knocked out by Gordon, who later hand-cuffs him to a pipe.

The Dark KnightEdit

Flass is revealed to have spent some time in a mental hospital after the toxin, but he's dismissed and fired from the Police Department after Harvey Dent's intervention, which takes away from him his disability pension.

Character traitsEdit

Arnold Flass is a vulgar man and a dishonest cop, who sees at his own role as a way to live easier on everyone else's shoulders. He's overweight and dishevelled, and enjoys bullying around and mocking the honest of his new partner.



Behind the scenesEdit


  • In the comics, Arnold Flass is blonde and athletic, while in the movie he has black hair and is overweight.
  • The film version of Flass shares some similarities to Harvey Bullock and Max Eckhardt.