Official name Argo
Appeared in Superman: Little Girl Lost
Galaxy Corvus
Star System Rao
Status Destroyed
Points of Interest Argo City

Argo was the sister planet of Krypton before it exploded.


Superman: Little Girl LostEdit

When Krypton exploded, its smaller neighbor planet, Argo, was torn from its orbit, and its landscape was devastated by shock waves. After the initial devastation, the world slowly froze for lack of sunlight, causing the deaths of the remaining inhabitants. The Argoans sent distress calls into space, but they were never answered.

Kala In-Ze, Argo's chief physician, placed herself and her family in cryonic stasis, in the hopes that they would survive until help came. Over time, ice gradually encroached on the cryonic cells, destroying all except the one holding Kala's teenaged daughter, Kara In-Ze.


Points of InterestEdit

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