Apokolips (Justice League Unlimited)
Official name Apokolips
Appeared in Superman: Apokolips...Now!
Superman: Little Girl Lost
Superman: Legacy
Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer
Points of Interest Firepits

Apokolips is a firepit of a planet ruled by Darkseid.


Superman: Apokolips...Now!Edit

Apokolips was created shortly after the beginning of time. From the same basic matter, a sister planet emerged called New Genesis. New Genesis was a world of life and serenity ― the complete opposite of Apokolips. For this reason above all others, Darkseid had sought to conquer and rule New Genesis since history began.

Apokolips was a barren world of rocks and desert, punctuated by firepits which spewed heat and flame from the very molten core of the planet.

Darkseid's shock troopers, the Parademons, enforce his will over the citizens of Apokolips. His immediate lieutenants ― Desaad, Granny Goodness, Virman Vundabar, the Female Furies, Steppenwolf, Kanto, and Kalibak ― largely concern themselves with Darkseid's conquests outside of Apokolips, such as the war against New Genesis and the later invasion of Earth.

Eventually, Darkseid negotiated a peace with Highfather, ruler of New Genesis. To seal their pact, the two rulers exchanged sons and raise them as their own: Highfather received Orion, while Darkseid received Scott Free. Scott would reject Darkseid's influence and escape with his lover Big Barda, while Orion would take to the ideals of New Genesis and forever oppose Darkseid's ambitions. Despite the pact failing him, Darkseid would uphold the pact, and Apokolips and New Genesis would maintain a long, if tenuous, peace.

Superman: Little Girl LostEdit

To be added

Superman: LegacyEdit

The subjects of Darkseid were a human-like slave population so terrified and oppressed by their overlord that freedom was a completely alien concept. Superman discovered this truth after defeating Darkseid in personal combat. Instead of celebrating their cruel master's defeat, the slaves of Darkseid collected his injured body and reverentially carried him back to his palace.

Justice League Unlimited: DestroyerEdit

Darkseid was later resurrected by Lex Luthor in his attempt to recreate Brainiac, enhanced by the android's technology. He came back to Apokolips to reassert his rule. He launched an attack on Earth, violating his pact with Highfather. But the League and the Legion of Doom worked together to stand against his forces. The Apokoliptians soon retreat after Darkseid disappeared when Luthor presented him the Anti-Life Equation. The planet's political situation after that is unknown.



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