"I call this little number... Bane."
―Jason Woodrue[src]
Antonio Diego
Alias(es) Bane
Appeared in Batman & Robin
Actor Michael Reid McKay
Robert Swenson

Antonio Diego is the criminal that turns into the supervillain Bane (portrayed in Bane form by Robert Swenson). Bane is an enemy of Batman and Robin. Bane is also the partner of Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze.

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Batman & RobinEdit

Antonio Diego was a prisoner in the South-American jail of Pena Duro. He was forced to be the test subject for the drug named Venom and was Dr. Jason Woodrue's first successful subject. Diego was strapped down in front of a large audience to an operating table,where overdoses of venom were purposely forced into his brain. Originally Diego was small and helpless, but when the Venom started to take effect, he turned into a savage and large fighting machine.

After Dr. Pamela Isley became Poison Ivy, she took the newly christened Bane with her to Gotham City to act as her enforcer. Bane helped scare the Golums from their hangout, and to retrieve Mr. Freeze's suit from Arkham Asylum's prisoner storage locker.

Bane lost to Robin and Batgirl when they turned him back to his normal self by kicking the tube that pumped Venom to his body, ripping it from his neck. When Mr. Freeze attempted to kill Batman by destroying the Gotham Telescope Platform, he only suceeded in crushing the weakened Bane.

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  • In the comics, Bane's true identity remains a mystery. "Antonio Diego" was created specifically for Batman & Robin.

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