Mayor Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia
Alias(es) Mayor of Gotham City
Appeared in The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
Status Deceased
Actor Nestor Carbonell

Anthony Garcia was the Mayor of Gotham City.


The Dark Knight

Garcia was elected shortly after the emergance of Batman. He quickly made changes to the goverment system, creating the Gotham Major Crimes Unit, a special Policing unit led by Lt. James Gordon, who Garcia hand picked personally. He then met with new District Attorney Harvey Dent who wanted to charge all of Gotham's mob over 500 people with a conspiracy, asking the Mayor to make sure Judge Janet Surillo would make it happen, which Garcia abliged. Surrilo was subsequently killed by the Joker who also killed Commisioner Gillian Loeb, Garcia led a city funeral for the Commisioner where he was attacked himself by the Joker, but Gordon stepped in front of Garcia saving him. Gordon and Batman later caught the Joker after Gordon faked his death. Garcia was impressed and made Gordon Loeb's replacement as the new commisioner.

The Dark Knight Rises

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  • Anthony Garcia was played by Nestor Carbonell, who on the live-action series 'The Tick' played Bat-Manuel.

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