Angela Roth
407 116
Alias(es) Arella
Actor Virginia Madsen

Arella is the mother of Raven. She was born Angela Roth, and she resides in Azarath after Raven left for Earth but continues to love and support her daughter.


Arella unwittingly became the bride of the evil inter-dimensional being known as Trigon, but shortly after the wedding Trigon made love to her and then abandoned her rather than make her his queen. Through this union, Arella gave birth to Raven and raised her in the peaceful realm of Azarath. Despite Arella's efforts, her daughter was bound to Trigon by a prophecy which entails the subjugation and destruction of all life. Arella forever gave Raven her love, even knowing what she was destined to become: a vessel for Trigon's evil.

When the prophecy was about to come to pass, Raven desperately sought out Azarath for help, only to find the city at first apparently deserted. A white dove led Raven to her mother, who could offer neither help nor comfort since the prophecy was inevitable. Right afterwards, it was revealed that the sound state of Azarath had been in fact a cruel illusion: The city was destroyed and in flames, and its people, including Arella, had apparently perished.


  • Raven - Her daughter.
  • Trigon - Her former husband and the father of her child

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