Anatoli Knyazev
Kgbeast dceu
Appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Status Deceased
Actor Callan Mulvey

Anatoli Knyazev was a terrorist who worked for Lex Luthor.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeEdit

Anatoli Knyazev was a mercenary, secretly working for Lex Luthor as his main henchman. Knyazev was in Africa doing business with African terrorists but he double crossed them to frame Superman. Bruce Wayne had kept tabs on Knyazev, and when he was delivering the Kryptonite to Lex Luthor, Batman chased after him for the Kryptonite, only to be stopped by Superman who had problems with Batman's methods. Knyazev successfully delivered the Kryptonite to Luthor and later kidnapped Martha Kent and held her hostage in an abandoned warehouse. Many armed men were guarding the building, only for all of them to be taken down by Batman. Knyazev was burned by the Dark Knight, who shot the flamethrower tank he was wearing, causing it to explode, killing the Russian.

Character traitsEdit

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Behind the scenesEdit

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  • In the comics, Knyazev is the Russian villain known as KGBeast and has cybernetic enhancements.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeEdit

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