Alicia Hunt
Appeared in Batman
Status Deceased
Actor Jerry Hall

Alicia Hunt was potrayed by Jerry Hall. She was the mistress to Carl Grissom, who was having an affair with his right hand man Jack Napier.

Biography Edit


Alicia cheated on Carl Grissom with his enforcer, Jack Napier. After Grissom learned that Jack had been seeing Alicia behind his back, he sent his right hand man on a mission that had been set up to have him killed by Lt. Max Eckhardt. Napier survived, but fell in a vat of chemicals that drastically mutated his cell structure, and freed him to become as monsterous as he desired.

After Jack Napier had reinvented himself as Joker, he scarred Alicia's face with sulphuric acid, and made her wear a porcelain mask. Days later, Joker presented the mask to photojournalist Vicki Vale, and informed her that Alicia threw herself out a window.

Relationships Edit

Appearances/Actresses Edit

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