Alexander Luthor
BvS Lex Luthor
Alias(es) Lex Luthor
Appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Justice League
Status Alive
Actor Jesse Eisenberg
"We know better now don’t we. Devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky."
―Lex Luthor[src]

Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor, Jr is the owner of LexCorp.


Man of SteelEdit

During Superman and General Zod's battle throughout Metropolis, they passed LexCorp tower and multiple LexCorp tankers.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeEdit

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Justice LeagueEdit

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Relationships Edit


Behind the scenesEdit

  • Before Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Lex, Joaquin Phoenix, James Purefoy and Adam Driver were ask about the role but turned it down and rumored that actor Bryan Cranston had the role, until it was unconfirmed by the actor himself.
  • Jesse Eisenberg was originally going to have a larger role in Justice League but the majority of his scenes were cut.


  • Lex Luthor's role in the film is based on his appearance in the graphic novel All-Star Superman, where he is contemptuous of Superman due to his alien nature.


Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Prequel: Lex LuthorEdit

Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeEdit

Promotion and Concept ArtEdit

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