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Air Corps Intelligence Division 01
Members General Phillip Blankenship, Major Steven Leonard Trevor, Yeoman 1st Class Diana Prince, Lt. Etta Candy


The New Original Wonder WomanEdit

The Air Corps Intelligence Division was a branch of the United States Air Force under the auspices of the War Department during World War II. The Air Corps' primary objective was to safeguard America's interests by investigating and routing out subversive fifth column activity in the United States. They also supervised many of the nation's munitions factories on behalf of the United States Army. One of the most active administrators of the Air Corps was General Phillip Blankenship. Blankenship's top field agent was Major Steve Trevor, an Air Force pilot who often undertook dangerous deep cover missions. In 1942, the Air Corps Intelligence Division began working closely with the super-hero known as Wonder Woman. None of the staff realized that Wonder Woman was also secretly operating as one of their NCOs, Diana Prince.





  • The Air Corps Intelligence Division is exclusive to the continuity of the 1975-79 Wonder Woman television series.

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