A League of Their Own
Director: Victor Dal Chele
Producer: Denys Cowan and Swinton O. Schott III
Writer(s): Ernie Altbacker and Dwayne McDuffie
Release Date: March 1 and March 8,2003
Running Time: 30 minutes
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A League of Their Own is a 2003 TV movie that was originally released as two episodes. It is part of the 2000 Static Shock TV series.


As Static and Gear are called to the Justice League Watchtower to fix a power problem, they then have to stop Braniac from controlling the station.


  • Phil LaMarr as Virgil Hawkins/Static Shock and John Stewart/Green Lantern
  • Jason Marsden as Richie Foley/Gear
  • Corey Burton as Braniac
  • Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Michael Rosenbaum as Wally West/The Flash
  • Maria Canals-Barrera as Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl
  • Carl Lumby as J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter
  • Daniel Cooksey as Martin Scaponi/Hotstreak

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